Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Border Abbeys — Jedburgh Abbey — family photos

As I mentioned in one of last week's posts, it's hard to take a bad picture of Jedburgh Abbey. Here's a few more photos, this time focusing on family instead of the architecture.

I'd show you what Jack's photo looks like, but you can't see much of anything past his fingers covering the lens.
I'm yelling, "Jackson, look up here!" Kate and Jack ignore me.
Showing off some dance moves: Just slide, baby, slide, just slide, baby, slide.
This picture illustrates the frustrations joy of photographing toddlers. Jack ran away as I took the photo. I had neither rope nor duct tape on hand to position him.
A ghostly apparition haunts Kate, Grammar, and Jackson.
I think ruins provide some of the best kinds of sightseeing experiences for children: areas to climb and explore, smaller crowds, and fodder for imaginations to run wild.

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