Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You don't know Jack

Like all toddlers, Jackson provides the occasional nuggets of observation or wisdom or humor. These are generally unprompted, often silly or nonsensical, and usually come out of the blue with no context. Here are some recent ones:

Jack with monkey, on a trampoline.
  • "I want make my monkey happy." 

  • "Holy moly!"

  • "My mommy loves my garbage truck."

  • "My belly tooted."

  • "Mommy, lick my arm. Little lick. Big lick!"  

  • "KABOOM!" 

  • "Stephen makes meatballs. Stephen makes meatballs on his truck."

  • "'W' is for 'Wookie.'" 

  • "I'm sleeping! I'm sleeping! I'm sleeping!"

  • Describing American football: "Big guys run around, chase ball, go kaboom."

  • "My grape fell on floor. Daddy, eat it."

Giving a fake smile for Daddy.

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