Sunday, October 13, 2013

He needs his own pair

In the U.K., rain boots are generally called "wellies." They're mid-calf boots made popular by the Duke of Wellington {Ed.'s note: yes, the same one who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo}, so the "Wellington boot" is now just called a wellie.

On rainy days we see them a fair bit on women, and they're the standard attire for wee ones. At nurseries and schools they're required clothing, just like a coat in winter. When Jack and I have gone to play after a rainy morning, I've been asked by complete strangers why he doesn't have his wellies on. "He didnae want ta wear his wellies today?" I just say yes, glossing over the fact that he doesn't actually own any.

Kate has an old pair of rubber boots from her days during vet school. She hasn't worn them much yet, but I suspect they'll get more use in the next few months. Of course, her boots are a bit worn down, so she'll likely need a replacement pair. And besides, you need to have proper and authentic wellies if you're going to live in a climate like Scotland's.

Kate's polka dot wellies.
So far, I haven't seen many wellies on men. Not sure if that's because it's not yet cold and wet enough for them. Or if they're not considered fashionable for men, which is ironic since the boots were considered manly and popular due to their use in warfare (first with pointed toe for ease in stirrups on horses, and then an absolute necessity in the trenches of World War I), farming, and hunting. I'm taking a wait-and-see approach before I get some.

We'll need to buy some wellies for Jackson soon. These ones aren't going to work very well:

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