Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Barcelona sampler

As I get myself organized to write about Barcelona, here's a taste -- consider it a tapas meal -- of our trip last week.

Ice cream pit stop along the harbor.
Finishing a long visit to the Catalan art museum.
Modernisme architecture in L'Eixample at Casa Batlló, by Antoni Gaudí.
Gathering a picnic lunch at La Boqueria market.
Cloister for the Church of Holy Conception.
Mosaic bench (360-feet long) on the terrace at Park Güell.
Surrealist painting at the Salvador Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres.
Surrealist diapered stuffed animals on Jackson's bed in our apartment.
Cannon atop the ramparts of the castle on Montjuïc.
Shady lane at midday.
Enjoying the view from the rooftop of Casa Milà.
Romanesque art from the Catalan art museum.
Olympic Stadium on Montjuïc.
Tapas lunch at the counter.
Dragon in Park Güell.
Looking down La Rambla.
Slow-moving fish at the aquarium.
"Art" by Joan Miró.
Headed for a stroll along the beach in Barceloneta.
The Nativity facade at Sagrada Familia.
Fascinating interior of Sagrada Familia.
Swinging in the playground in front of the Passion Facade of Sagrada Familia.
A toast with milk and wine.


  1. That diapered monkey bears a striking resemblance to the Dali painting!

  2. Huh, I didn't notice that before. But I think I see what you mean.