Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcome back Nana and Grampa Bill!

It feels like ages since our last visitor. In truth, it's been at least six months. We know that spring and summer are the best times to visit Scotland. But c'mon, people, spread out your love!

Anyway, a hearty welcome to Nana and Grampa Bill, who will arrive after flights from North Carolina. They should be here within hours. We've been anxiously awaiting their visit for weeks, and are looking forward to some quality parent and grandparent time.

I'm so far behind in my posting that I've never gotten around to writing about their last visit, this past September. I've yet to write posts about our travels with them, such as to the Isle of Skye, or the ruins of Melrose Abbey.

Never free from his many responsibilities, Jack takes a call at the ruins of Melrose Abbey.
Dinner in Portree on the Isle of Skye.
Indeed, I have dozens of travel posts still to write. And now we'll be generating more material, with travels in Scotland and a trip to Paris. Damn. It's a tough life.

Not that I've been particularly active in posting recently, but as you might imagine, having house guests and sightseeing likely will slow me even further. I'll do my best to get a little bit written, however.

Recently, Jackson has decided he prefers his momma over boring Dad. The baby books tell me this is a normal phase, and eventually the pendulum will swing toward me. For now, though, Kate is his first, second, and third choice for waking him up, getting food, going to the playground, going to bed, and so on. {Ed.'s note: This has some advantages for Dad.} Currently, I'm a distant afterthought, unless she's not around, in which case I am deemed acceptable. With the arrival of Grampa Bill and Nana -- two of his favorite people, along with Grammar, his other grandmother -- I'm certain my rank on the totem pole will slip even further.

Calvin and Hobbes, the greatest comic there ever was, or ever will be.
Will the grandparents eclipse even Kate? We'll see . . . .

I hope the neighbors enjoyed his marching and drumming phase.
Giggles with Grampa Bill.

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