Sunday, May 11, 2014

Adieu, Paris

Notre Dame.
Yesterday, we returned from Paris.

To borrow a phrase from Pepé Le Pew:

Le sigh.
We had a wonderful time. Of course. Who goes to Paris and doesn't find something probably many somethings to love?

Even our two year old exclaimed every day about visiting the Eiffel Tower.
I've been lucky to visit Paris three times, at ages 18, 25, and now 40. Three different stages of life: just out of high school, on a honeymoon, and as a new(ish) parent. I'm sure I'll be back again.

The best part of this trip was the opportunity to introduce my parents to Paris. We rented an apartment in the Marais, just two blocks from the Seine and only a few minutes walk to the Île-de-France. Took them to all the major sights, and some minor ones, too. There aren't many chances in life to share a true "wow" or hear "I've never seen anything like this" from your parents. I helped them stretch their boundaries a bit, and we'll see if they're inspired for some further European travel.

As you can see here, I came across a fun app called Waterlogue, which transforms photos to look like watercolor-esque paintings. Kinda addicting.

Not quite to the level of Monet's Rouen Cathedral series, but fun nonetheless.
Here are the above photos in their original forms:

As always, I promise to post much more about our travels. And, as you know, I'll be extraordinarily slow about doing so.

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