Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Off to Athens!

We're headed to Athens for a five-day weekend. Wouldn't all weeks be better with two days of work and five days for the weekend? But I digress.

Our flight this morning is agonizingly rather early. Flight time at 6:00 am. Which means we'll be waking up the kid too damn early. Which means we're gonna be those parents, the ones who drag a sleep-deprived toddler along for eight hours of travel (two flights with one layover). Pray for us. The other passengers may seek retribution.

Assuming our fellow travelers let us survive, we'll have Wednesday evening to wander our neighborhood, three full days of sightseeing and exploring, and Sunday morning as a bonus time in case we missed something. Most tour books recommend spending only two days in Athens, but they aren't factoring in a little emperor toddler. To be fair, Jackson's a great traveler, but nonetheless he is three years old; we simply don't tour places as quickly or efficiently as we did in yesteryear.

As with most trips, we're leaving the laptop at home. No more blogging 'til we return.

Parthenon in 1978

So, let me wish you a happy (five-day) weekend! And you, in turn, please wish us καλό ταξίδι (happy travels)!


  1. As long as you took your camera!

    1. No worry about that; I took a 1,000+ photos. The hard part is whittling them down.