Friday, December 19, 2014

You don't know Jack (#5)

Like all toddlers, Jackson provides the occasional nuggets of observation or wisdom or humor. These are generally unprompted, often silly or nonsensical, and usually come out of the blue with no context. Here are some recent ones:

While Danny MacAskill conquers the Cuillin Mountains on the Isle of Skye, Jackson conquers this tree stump.

•   "Don't move! I like hitting you with hedgehogs."

•   "Once upon a time, not so very many years ago, there was a little mommy who lived in a forest. She said, 'Pah! I don't see anything but boring trees.' The end."

•   "Queen Elizabeth is our queen. Queen Elizabeth is old. She knows things."

•   "If I keep my mouth open, I can catch a bug. Yum!"

Trying out new noses at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow.

•   Upon receiving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: "I have never been happier in my WHOLE LIFE."    ***

•   "I want to have a cake with Mommy. One, I don't want it to be yucky! And two, I don't want it to be too warm!"

•   "Old people can't do some things. Old people can't run up hills. Nana and Grampa Bill are old. Nana and Grampa Bill can't run up hills!"

•    "This is the biggest blueberry I have ever seen in the whole universe!"

•   "Daddy, when I am a grown up, can I wear your underwear?"

At home after watching The Cat in the Hat production in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

*** I make a mean PB&J, but I'm not sure it's that good.


  1. Where is my copy of THE JACK IN THE HAT? That is a rather cute picture!

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