Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You don't know Jack (#6)

Like all toddlers, Jackson provides the occasional nuggets of observation or wisdom or humor. These are generally unprompted, often silly or nonsensical, and usually come out of the blue with no context. Here are some recent ones:

Pushing mommy into the fountain at Hampton Court Palace
Pushing his mother into the fountain at Hampton Court Palace in London.

•    "Things at museums used to be real, but then they got old and turned into toys."

•    "I know lots of stories about naked ladies. Sometimes, they just forget to put their clothes on. Sometimes, they say,
      'Ahhh, it's very hot outside.' And then they take their clothes off."

•    "Dad, you have to play choo choos. You can't just stand around looking fancy."

•    "I want to be a grownup so I can drink beer and Venti Iced Chais."

Drinking a babyccino
Sadly, all he can drink for now are babyccinos.

•    "Milk for me, please. Water for Daddy. And WINE for Mommy!"

•    "I'm going to the big kid section. If you need me, Dad, just give me a call." {Pauses and thinks.} "Dad, will you be
     okay on your own?"

•    "I love you a little bit more than my stuffed elephant." At least I have that going for me.

•    Jack:    "You should be excited."
     Me:      "Why?"
     Jack:    "You haven't died yet!"

Making cookies.
Making cookies.


  1. Yay - WINE for Mommy! Tessa was telling Grace the other day (not that she understands yet) that "your Mommy can have wine now that you're not inside of her anymore."

    1. Ahh, lucky mommy! Though here in Europe, you might've been advised that a glass of wine every so often isn't a problem. For the next one (!), take a European approach . . .