Thursday, June 25, 2015

You don't know Jack (#7)

Like all toddlers, Jackson provides the occasional nuggets of observation or wisdom or humor. These are generally unprompted, often silly or nonsensical, and usually come out of the blue with no context. Here are some recent ones:

Jackson running down the dock
He's starting to get fast.

•     "Mom, you need to learn not to lock me out of the bathroom when you're in there."

•     Jack:     "Is that what you are drinking?"
      Me:       "Yes."
      Jack:     "Is that beer?"
      Me:       "Yes."
      Jack:     "That's not nice. I can't drink that for two more years."

•     "My elbow is tired. It needs to rest here on the table while I eat."

•     "Dad, stop grumbling and I'll be okay. I know what I'm doing."

•     "If I peed in that hole, there would be a mouse saying, 'Oooh, disgusting! I don't like that. I need to move to a new house.' {Giggles.} Poor little mouse."

Sun's oot, taps aff!

•     Me:      "Do you want some granola for breakfast?"
      Jack:     "No! I don't like raisins anymore."
      Me:      "Oh."
      Jack:     "Raisins are yucky."
      Me:      "Then what would you like for breakfast?"
      Jack:     "Hmmm . . .  I'll have . . . Raisin Bran."

•     "Mom, I've had enough of you."

•     "The lady who did the brushing at my school today said that eating too much sugar can put holes in your teeth. I said to her, 'Not MY teeth.'"

•     Jack:     "Maybe someday I'll be a builder."
      Kate:     "You can be lots of different things."
      Jack:     "I know. Maybe someday I'll be Darth Vader! When I'm 14."

•     "I love you. But more than that, I love my new digger and backhoe."