Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This commercial speaks to me

I don't like to share food. At all. I can, perhaps, let Kate have a bite. Probably not two.

With Jackson it's a different story. He's the exception. He and I share most of our meals. I'll start to eat a banana or a scone or a bagel at breakfast and he'll claim it. If he likes my sandwich at lunch, he'll probably get most of it. At dinner, he has free rein to eat whatever he wants off my plate. Like almost every parent, I'm powerless to withstand my kid wanting to share my food.

Jack nonchalantly steals my milkshake at the Olive Pip coffee shop in Glasgow.
Kate shares a chicken skewer at Chaophraya on Buchanan Street, the fancy shopping street in downtown Glasgow.
If you're somebody else, don't you dare try to eat off my plate. Don't. Try. It.

So when I was watching a college basketball game recently -- my ability to see basketball and American football is something I'll have to address in a future post -- this KFC commercial made me giggle. It's not remarkably funny. (Though the posh accents of the actors helps.) It's that it reminds me of my sharing issues.


British man and woman walk into a KFC. Probably on a date.

Man: "I'm gonna have a Mighty Bucket for One. How about you?"

Woman: "That's okay. I'll just have some of yours."

Man: {Grimace} "Okay, I really like you. But it's a Mighty Bucket for One. You can have your own, if you want. Now, I will share a romantic walk with you. I will even share my innermost thoughts. But my food...NAAHHH."

Voice over: "With two pieces of original recipe chicken, hot wings, mini-fillets, fries, and a drink, the KFC Mighty Bucket for One ain't for sharing."

The commercial gave me a craving, and so we hunted down a KFC in Glasgow.


It's one of those cravings you satisfy and immediately feel bad that you did so. Until the next craving.

"Daddy, may I eat this bite?" He gazes at my plate of greasy chicken. I'm powerless before the Disney-sized eyes and the tiny voice with its I'm-only-this-polite-when-I-want-your-stuff phrasing.

Sure, kid. Take what you want.

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