Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You don't know Jack

Like all toddlers, Jackson provides the occasional nuggets of observation or wisdom or humor. These are generally unprompted, often silly or nonsensical, and usually come out of the blue with no context. Here are some recent ones:

The pineapple was tart.

  • "I want to be on television. Play golf. I want to be white guy."

  • Crumples up a plastic wrapper, hands it to me: "We have a trash can, Daddy."

  • "Mom, stop talking!"

  • "Mom, stop eating!"

  • "Mom, stop dancing!"

  • "Mom, stop singing!"

Plucking a 1/8 size violin.

  • "Rainbow! Rainbow!" Do you see a rainbow? "No." 

  • "Daddy, kiss that moose."

  • "I want to ride on a spaceship." Where do you want to go? "Those houses over there."

  • "That mommy hair . . . I don't like it."

  • What do you say when someone gives you something that you asked for? "I want a lollipop."

  • "Why does Mommy drink so much .............................. [dramatic pause] ...................... water?"

  • "Daddy, you are going [to] get bigger. Someday."

  • "My office is in a tunnel in Mommy's office."

  • Kate to Jackson: "How'd you get so cute?"  Jackson: "Daddy."

  • "See you later. We going out to meet the ladies." 

A good look for meeting ladies. When you're two.