Monday, June 9, 2014

(Nearly) favorite family photos of our first year in Scotland

I take a lot of photos. That's self-evident on this blog.

I have taken more than 10,000 photos in our first year in Scotland. Kate has snapped some, too. Lots of things are memorialized and captured for perusal later. Most of the photos are nice enough. Some are pretty good.

Here are a couple dozen of my favorite family photos from this past year. Whittling down from 10,000+ is a challenge. In a post next week I'll show you my very most favorite family photos, limiting myself to fewer than ten. But here are some of the other candidates which didn't quite make the cut.

When the museum doesn't interest you, make your own excitement. (St. Andrews, Scotland)
Communing with the old gods. (Machrie Moor stone circles, Isle of Arran, Scotland)
Kate's an expert selfie taker. (Hiking in Glen Coe, Scotland)
Racing a new friend in Park G├╝ell. (Barcelona, Spain)
Kate's eldest sister, Tracy, and her husband John, claim the thrones. (Stirling Castle, Scotland)
Kate and Jackson can't quite muster as much dignity.
Grampa Bill and Nana take a breather while touring Paris.
Bucket. Shovel. Temptation.
Finishing a cookie before going into the castle. (Stirling, Scotland)
Finishing a pint in the sailors' lounge, the Verge Inn (get it?), on the Royal Yacht Britannia. (Edinburgh, Scotland)
My niece, Macie, plays on the beach. (St. Andrews, Scotland)
It looks like I superimposed Kate on this photo. I didn't. (Isle of Skye, Scotland)
Hiking is a lot harder with a butterball on your back. (Isle of Skye, Scotland)
Ennui, appropriately, in Paris.
Even the master selfie taker sometimes fails. (Versailles, France)
Group nap after sightseeing. (Our house in Glasgow, Scotland)
Jack's first shower was taken, ironically, in Bath. Because our room didn't have one. (Bath, England)
Skipping rocks. (Scalpsie Bay, Isle of Bute, Scotland)
Grammar exploring. (St. Conan's Kirk, Scotland)
Happiness. (Barcelona, Spain)
Cheerio-bag pruning of flowers. (Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran, Scotland)
Collecting the clippings. (The Crescent, Bath, England)
Note the tiny hand photobomb.
In the Hall of Mirrors. (Palace of Versailles, France)
Believe, you will. (York, England -- exactly where you'd expect to find Yoda)
A blustery May day in St. Andrews.
The imp has a lollipop. (On a Cal Mac ferry in the Firth of Clyde, Scotland)
It's what I do. (Glastonbury Abbey ruins, England)

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Favorite family photos of our first year in Scotland


  1. I am amazed/impressed/flabbergasted at your 180 degree turn in the photography realm! Excellent work! 10,000 photos is serious business. :)

    1. Now that our official photographer is no longer on the job -- you wouldn't think a little thing like an ocean would be such an impediment -- somebody has to do it.

  2. I love the pictures! You guys look like you are having a great time!! We need to skype sometime - I miss you all!

    1. Definitely need to Skype sometime. I hope you're doing well!

  3. Bri, They are all GRAND. My fave is the bath in Bath. Thank you!

    1. I almost didn't include the Bath photo because, y'know, it's on the border of too exposed. But Kate gave her consent, so in it went!