Tuesday, July 15, 2014

(Nearly) favorite photos of places we visited our first year

A few weeks ago, I offered up my favorite family photos of our first year here in Scotland. See here and here. Now, for your perusal, are some of my nearly favorite photos of places we have visited in our first year.

These aren't necessarily my favorite places, per se, though some of them are. Rather, these are some of my favorite photos which I took of places. Some of the photos might be appropriate for a travel brochure. Others capture a mood or an ambiance. A few pictures offer something silly or incongruous that caught my eye.

Note that if you click on a photo you can see a larger version of it, as well as scroll through the others. It's a nicer way to see the pictures, but you can't read the captions.

In the next week or so, I'll post my very favorite photos. But I thought these ones were pretty good, too:

Glamis Castle, Scotland.
Looking across Barcelona's old harbor toward Montjuïc. (Barcelona, Spain)
The ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral. (St. Andrews, Scotland)
Stirling Castle, Scotland.
An unavoidably classic shot of Stonehenge, England.
At this point of your tour of the Louvre, even the decorations on the walls are weary. (Paris, France)
Kate's photo of Castle Stalker, of both Highlander and Monty Python and the Holy Grail fame. (Loch Laich, Scotland)
Fishing village of Crail, on the east coast of Scotland. (East Neuk coastline, Scotland)
Anstruther, another fishing village along the East Neuk coast. (Anstruther, Scotland)
Climbing the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey. (Dryburgh, Scotland)
A reflecting pool displays the ceiling of Salisbury Cathedral. (Salisbury, England)
I loved the juxtaposition of the modern street art with the old church. (Le Marais, Paris, France)
The enormous ruins of Fountains Abbey recede into the distance. (Ripon, England)
View across Loch Lomond while hiking on the West Highland Way. (Loch Lomond, Scotland)
Wells Cathedral, from the gardens of the Bishop's Palace. (Wells, England)
Kate's photo in the depths of Rievaulx Abbey. (Helmsley, England)
Courtyard at Versailles Palace. Billions millions thousands of tourists were milling about, but somehow I got a clear shot without them. (Versailles, France)
Only Salvador Dalí could get away with this as art. (Figueres, Spain)
The glorious ceiling of Sagrada Família. (Barcelona, Spain)
Early morning over the Firth of Clyde. The hills of the Isle of Arran rise in the background. (Wemyss Bay, Scotland)
This photo of Notre Dame cathedral was taken from a moving cruise boat on the Seine. (Paris, France)
The back of St. Conan's Kirk. I like how the colored stone complements the changing colors of the leaves in early fall. (Loch Awe, Scotland)
Kelvingrove Museum, with a Malaysia vs. Scotland lawn bowling match on its grounds. (Glasgow, Scotland)
The ruins of Jedburgh Abbey stretch toward the sky. (Jedburgh, Scotland)
The fountain on Rothesay's esplanade. (Isle of Bute, Scotland)
Sunlight bathes the 160-foot-tall Old Man of Storr. In the notch between the cliff face and the Old Man and stands a hiker. (Isle of Skye, Scotland)

Want to see more? Here are the favorites from our first year in Scotland:


Favorite photos of places we visited our first year


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(Nearly) favorite family photos of our first year in Scotland

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