Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Exposure: Old Man of Storr and the faerie king

Old Man of Storr viewed from the south, Isle of Skye
The Old Man of Storr stands on his ridge line.

The faerie king turned them to stone, so the legend goes.

Oft would the man and his wife scale the vertiginous slope. They sought the view from the ridge: down the rugged mountain and across the blue sea. Young, middle aged, old -- they made the trek together.

As they aged, she found it harder to make the climb.

He didn't want to go without her. She could not disappoint him. They hiked and she despaired. When she could go no further, the faerie king arrived. Saw the love between them.

The faerie said he would help them. If only they accepted his aid, he'd ensure they would always be able to gaze upon the view. They knew they should not trust him. But without help, they would never be together at the ridge.

And so they accepted. At the ridge, they turned to gaze across the sea. Then the faerie king cackled and turned them to stone.

For centuries, they stood on the ridge. One day, long ago, she toppled and crumbled, shattering into thousands of pieces along the slope. The old man gazes on, solitary and mourning.

Old Man of Storr with the remains of his wife
The Old Man of Storr stands hobbled, the remains of his wife at his side.

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