Friday, October 10, 2014

My failed visit to Dunkeld Cathedral

Dunkeld Cathedral
Dunkeld Cathedral is partially in use and partially a ruin.
Sometimes, my blogging plans fail.

For example, I have visited some historic sites and found them so underwhelming that I won't bore myself, much less anyone else, by writing about them. Or we'll attend a cultural event which, for one reason or another, I couldn't capture well with a camera and/or don't have enough personal insight to add anything here. Or I'll begin writing about a topic only to realize that to address it properly -- whether it's a tourist attraction, the particular challenges of expat life, a Scottish tradition, etc. -- I should wait until I have more experience or knowledge about it.

And then there was my recent visit to Dunkeld Cathedral.

Which was closed for repairs.


Ongoing repairs at Dunkeld Cathedral prevents access
Ongoing repairs block entry into the cathedral ruins. No timeline for completion has been made public.
Although the ruins are closed to the public for now, another part of the cathedral has been restored and is used as a Church of Scotland parish church. That section has some interesting stuff. But rather than write about only a part of the cathedral, I'll check on it next spring and see if I can finish my visit before writing a post.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a lovely picnic spot, Dunkeld Cathedral sits on the banks of the River Tay.

Dunkeld Bridge over the River Tay
Dunkeld Bridge spans the River Tay.
This glamorous life (ahem) as a blogger has its travails, you see. It's not all bling and babes and bodacious adventures. In case you were thinking otherwise.

Dunkeld Cathedral through the trees
The view from the river bank is lovely.

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