Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sledding may result in "paralysis and death"

As the sign warned us, sledding "is extremely hazardous":

Warning sign for sledding

Did this young fellow make it?

Sledding crash into pole
How about her? She looked excited:

Direct impact with sled
Alas, no.
Did this girl survive her trip down the hill? She looked to be safe:

Head-on collision with sign
Oooh. Head-on collision.
Not exactly the most steep, scary, treacherous, precipitous, menacing, frightening, perilous, savage, dangerous, or "extremely hazardous" slope for sledding that I have ever come across:

Gentle slope for sledding
The wildly dangerous sledding slope.
If only they hadn't placed the sign in such a dangerous place. Or, perhaps, had turned the sign around for those entering the slope instead of exiting after sledding.

'Tis a wonder any of us made it out alive. That dangerous sign wiped out half our family.

Face plant in snow

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