Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scenes in the snow

Ski lift at Powderhorn, in Colorado

Do you remember the joy of snow?

When you were genuinely excited by the stuff? The untouched canvas of white? The prospect of no school, sledding, building forts, the warmth of hot cocoa after hours outside? Of learning how to throw a snowball? When even the job of shoveling was fun instead of a chore?

Jackson throws a snowball at Kate
Jackson begins his barrage.
Glasgow doesn't get much snow. Although it sits at a latitude slightly north of Moscow, Glasgow's winters are roughly twice as warm. Its relative warmth, and lack of snow, stems primarily from the wonders of the Gulf Stream.

Over the last several years, we've had only rare chances to enjoy snow. Our previous home, in Raleigh, got very little snow. {Ed.'s note: Although now that you've left, they've gotten a ton of snow this winter.} And our first winter in Glasgow had a few snow showers but no accumulation on the ground. Our three year old, Jackson, saw snow when he was an infant but had no memory of it.
Sledding in Colorado
Sledding with cousins Macie and Garrick.

Le sigh.

Consequently, during our Colorado trip, we were excited for his first chance to play in the snow. We made sure he spent ample time outdoors, whether sledding, skiing (his first lessons), or simply playing and making snowmen. Jackson's excitement for snow rekindled some of my own.

First ski lesson
Jackson's first ski lesson.
And then, upon our return to Glasgow, we lucked into not one but two snowfalls. Just an inch or two of accumulation each time, but enough to keep the wee one happy and occupied.

Snow in Glasgow
Our first real snow in Glasgow!
The joy for snow has captured our hearts this winter. Here are some of our snowy images:

Snowy hill around Loch Lomond
Snow in the hills around Loch Lomond in western Scotland.
Hiking to Auchineden Hill
Hiking to top of Auchineden Hill for the view shown in the photo above.
Rocky Mountain mule deer
This doe, a Rocky Mountain mule deer, wandered past the backyard of Grammar's house in Colorado.
Swinging in the snow
Not only Jackson had fun playing in the snow.
Mountain bird
Anybody know what kind of bird this is? I don't. But we spent several minutes examining each other.
Kate and Brian on the slopes in Powderhorn
A selfie by Kate as we skied in Powderhorn, Colorado.
Kate and Jackson skiing with hula hoop
Jackson on the slopes with Kate.
Cows in the snow
Cows in the snow.
Trucks in the snow
Trucks in the snow.
Sunset in western Colorado
Rocky Mountain sunset.
Western bluebird in Colorado
Winter colors.

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