Thursday, April 9, 2015

Short photo recap of a long Easter weekend

Britain provides two public holidays for Easter weekend, one for Good Friday and one for Easter Monday. Schools often close for two full weeks around Easter. Besides providing family time, the four-day weekend signals the start of the tourist season, with prices for flights and hotels beginning to rise as summer approaches.

We didn't travel anywhere, but we did enjoy a lovely long weekend. Here's a quick photo recap:

Decorated Easter bonnets
It was new to us, but there's a tradition here of decorating Easter bonnets. Jackson's nursery he attends two mornings a week had a little Easter bonnet "parade" a couple days before the long weekend. That meant a craft assignment for mom and dad. Isn't the whole point of sending the kid to nursery that he does this stuff at the nursery, so mom and dad don't have to suffer through it?
Pollock House in Glasgow
Pollock House was built in the 1750s. It is one of many properties operated by the National Trust of Scotland which this weekend hosted an Easter egg hunt, all sponsored by Cadbury.
Easter Egg hunt at Pollock House
For the Easter egg hunt, the kids searched for pirates which were hiding letters.
Easter egg hunt at Pollock House
There were eight letters hidden around the country house. In this room, the letter was "hidden" on the left side of the fireplace.
Receiving the Cadbury Easter egg
Jackson receives his Cadbury egg after finding all eight letters and unscrambling them (well, mom and dad unscrambled them) to spell a word.
Birdhouse and feeder
We also celebrated Kate's 38th birthday this weekend. She received gifts like this combination birdhouse and feeder . . .
. . . and this Panasonic Lumix TZ70, a terrific compact camera that can be stored easily in a purse or pocket. We lost our previous compact camera about 18 months ago, so this is a great addition for our explorations.
Easter eggs and chocolate
We celebrated Easter, which in our agnostic household is not much more than hiding and finding eggs.
Winter Gardens on Glasgow Green
We also spent a full afternoon on an urban hike in central Glasgow. We passed, among many other things, the People's Palace and Winter Gardens on Glasgow Green.
Mural on Ingram Street
A mural on Ingram Street, depicting Scotland's four seasons.
Tolbooth Steeple in Glasgow
Completed in 1626, this Tolbooth Steeple is all that remains of Glasgow's medieval municipal building.
Goose beside the River Clyde
We walked for awhile along the River Clyde.
Templeton Carpet Factory
We swung by the former Templeton Carpet Factory, which at one point was the largest carpet factory in the world. Now it's occupied by other businesses, including a beer brewery.
Eating ice cream
Had to keep the wee one happy during our excursion.
Buchanan Street in Glasgow
We finished our urban hike with a stroll up Buchanan Street, the premier shopping drag in Scotland.
Five Guys in downtown Glasgow
At the end of our walk, we stumbled across Five Guys in downtown Glasgow, which was a pleasant surprise for us. Apparently, it opened just as we were headed back to the States for a visit.
Going crazy (eyes) for Five Guys
Jackson picked up on how excited Kate and I were to find a Five Guys, and decided he'd make some crazy eyes, too.
Duke University Blue Devils
We also spent time during the weekend watching the Final Four. We had some expat veterinary students over at our house until around 4:00 am on Sunday morning. I almost won our NCAA Tournament bracket pool; tied for first place, but lost the tiebreaker. [Grumble, grumble, grumble]
Duke Basketball national champions 2015
Since the championship game didn't start until nearly 2:30 am on Tuesday morning, we recorded the game and got up at 6:00 am to watch. My law school alma mater, Duke, won its fifth national championship! (Photo courtesy of News & Observer.)

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